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Henry is a woodworker and sculptor from the Isle of Man, he creates balanced, highly functional handcrafted wooden utensils from local timbers. His pieces are consciously carved to last a lifetime as a beautiful mainstay in even the busiest of kitchens. 

He started out making utensils after meeting Pierre, a  wonderful French Canadian woodworker on the small swedish island of Fjderholmarna. Working together for a long summer, Henry and Pierre experimented and played with all kinds of design producing pieces for his store which overlooked the baltic. 

 Henry currently lives in Melbourne Australia. Spending most of his time out in the bush, he chooses to work with reclaimed and storm damaged wood giving it new life and purpose. 

Each spoon is gloriously unique - they are hand cut, hand shaped, hand sanded and hand oiled, this process as well as the knots, grain and colouration of the wood used, ensures that each one has a subtle but distinct personality.  The intent is to make the perfect spoon but it’s often the slight imperfections that give each spoon the character that sets them apart.

Henry's sculptural and photographic practise has seen him exhibit works in Los Angeles, London, Stockholm and Melbourne.  

He uses raw materials collected whilst travelling. Wood, bone and other natural finds are offset against processed synthesised objects, such as plastic flowers and fruit. This playful illustrative approach galvanises in simple contemplative figurative works.

The environments he has been building are minimal so as to serve the figures with a sense of place and give context without being overbearing. They are usually settings that lend a hand to the narrative; unassuming metaphors for the given situation.

The works are topical to his internal world of thoughts and experiences. Exploring external themes, such as those found in mythology, religion and history.