Seven Layer Explorer 

'2021' various native British species.
Commissioned piece.   


The officer is identified by his unique jacket and ceremonial helmet as well as his posture and hand positioning. One hand opened giving and receiving and the opposite hand held up, two fingers raised to the heavens representing humanity and his destiny. ( Dr Grubermann, research lead S7 Institute UK) 

The sculpture also bears symbols that have been found on other artifacts. In some cases these symbols bear naturalistic forms however are not recognisable as anything found on Earth. 

The Institute in London can finally reveal the fully restored statue in its entirety. We are yet to know his name but other archaeological finds have confirmed this is a likeness of a lead officer for the Seven Layer expedition team.  The @7l_sevenlayer team it is now believed was brought into geofizz and locate mineral rich deposits. The Acanthus Corporations industrial arm would have commissioned this venture, seeking to develop new mining sites to further expand its colony.  


The jacket is a single of piece of cherry, faceted and hollow carved. The sleeves are spalted apple, I cut them in such a way to reveal a striped pattern. The helmet is ebonised silver birch and it's top is beech and walnut. All locally sourced and hand carved.

The rucksack is a single piece of beautiful creamy sycamore.


On the right is an image showing all of the local timbers I included

The symbols as far as we can tell do not resemble any written language on Earth and we have not found a 'rosetta stone' to decipher them. The symbols across his shoulders and those that adorn his helmet must tell us something about this commander and his exploits but for now remain a mystery.

The piece will go on show at the Seven Layer flagship store.

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Currently unnamed Commanding Officer, Seven Layer Expedition team (c 1997 - 2000 AD). Discovered during archaeological excavations on the Windswept Martian Northern Pole. 

Seven Layer Tablet 01 felt tip. 


Showing what seems like unknown flora and fauna, the tablet is also inscribed with a text that the institute is working to translate.

The tablet is constructed by unknown means and a material that seems to be a kind of alloy not of anything on earth.