'We went to Mars and it was a disaster '

An on going body of sculpture and drawn pieces, populating and expanding the story of a doomed mission.

Be part of the saga, commissions are now open for 2021. contact me, i'd love to hear your ideas. 


See Collection for existing works, collaborations and commissions. 

Unearthing evidence of an epic attempt to colonise Mars. 

An industrial colony on Mars thrives on the profits made from mining precious metals and minerals. The Acanthus Corporation expand their mining operations under the guise of 'exploration and colonisation'.  

Fearless explorers set off to discover new far away reaches of the red planet pitting themselves against the hostile terrain. 


In workshops and laboratories, the brightest engineers and scientists develop new and unbelievable technologies to help humanity reach further out into the cosmos.

Then it all goes quiet 

Crumbling transmission tower. 2021. commission.