'We went to Mars and it was a disaster '

Unearthing evidence of an epic attempt to colonise Mars. 

We think the year was 1999, we know a group of astronauts had set up a small base on Mars in the hopes of terraforming the planet. the archaeological record shows evidence of a thriving community in contact with earth. they left behind clues to who they were but nothing of what became of them. 

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'I like to think the works are like archaeological finds that offer an insight into a time or place'. 

 Based on the intersection between ecological issues, traditional craft technique and future technologies and industry, Henry has been producing a collection of work titled ‘We went to Mars and it was a Disaster’. Utilizsing his green wood working skills, using axe, knives  and gouges Henry has produced work that represents sophisticated futuristic technologies to help man consume the heavens. The works are clues to a disaster narrative, the same way potent carvings from antiquity might point to document an apocalyptic flood or famine.